About Us

The Adventure Begins Here!

We are a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing enrichment programs for youth and children. For 25+ years, Breakaway has been empowering young people through communities of faith, hope and love.

The Breakaway “experience” is about creating fun-filled, faith-based adventures that enrich the lives of young people spiritually, socially, and holistically.

We offer meaningful recreational experiences that foster healthy community, instill a sense of belonging, empower imagination, cultivate spiritual growth, build resiliency skills, and develop leadership virtues to serve others.

Contact us for more information about registering your child for a program and to learn about scholarship availability.

See our Child Safety Policy

Our Team

Cindy Larche
Program Coordinator
Tel. 423-400-1358

Jimmy Larche
Executive Director

Wanda Hicks
Knoxville Representative

Dale Miller
KidVenturez Representative

Regi Harris
Central Florida Representative

Benjamin Annor
West Africa Representative

Benefits of Breakaway programs:

  • It is action-packed fun, healthy physical activity
  • Promotes social wellness, community engagement
  • Develops constructive relationships with adults and peers
  • Shapes character and team building aptitude
  • Builds resilience in youth facing adversity
  • Enhances a child’s capacity to respond well to challenges
  • Participants gain positive affirmation, social edification
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Fosters spiritual enrichment, faith-building activities
  • Encourages positive artistic and creative expression
  • Stretches a child’s conflict resolution skills
  • Celebrates diversity, honor and respect for others
  • Champions unity
  • Empowers lives; makes youth RESILIENT… communities STRONGER