Child Referral

For Parents, Guardians, and Referral Agents

There are many circumstances that put a child at risk of not reaching his or her full potential in life, and though risk factors raise the chance of poor outcomes, protective factors raise the chance of good outcomes.

For 25+ years, Breakaway has been helping children overcome adversity and shape resilience through strategic community partnerships.

The Breakaway youth referral program has been established to provide greater service to the holistic needs of Chattanooga area and East Tennessee underserved children and their families. We accept students into our programs based on referrals from parents, caregivers, teachers, school advisors, resource officers, social workers, and various state agencies.

Benefits of Breakaway programs:

  • Offers action-packed fun and healthy physical activities
  • Promotes social wellness, community engagement
  • Develops constructive relationships with adults and peers
  • Gives students supplemental tools to excel academically
  • Shapes character and team building aptitude
  • Builds resilience in youth facing adversity and trauma
  • Enhances a child’s capacity to respond well to challenges
  • Instills social edification, personal affirmation
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Fosters spiritual enrichment, faith-building experiences
  • Encourages artistic, constructive, and creative expression
  • Stretches a child’s conflict resolution skills
  • Celebrates diversity, honor and respect for others
  • Champions unity and social compassion
  • Empowers lives; makes youth RESILIENT… communities STRONGER

WHAT WE OFFER: Some of the programs we offer include sports and recreation, after school activities, community groups, arts and film club, mentoring/tutoring initiatives, group adventure trips (“KidVenturez”), and summer camps (scholarships available).

WHO: We have programs designed for children in elementary school through high school.

If you would like to refer a child/youth to our program, please fill out the online Referral Form to get the application process started.

See our Child Safety Policy