KidVenturez Program

Fostering Enrichment One Adventure at a Time

Breakaway’s KidVenturez program affords young people a safe environment for adventures that foster healthy community, age-appropriate fun, educational and cultural learning experiences, resilience-shaping activities, wholesome entertainment, positive mentoring relationships, and character development.

Some of our KidVenturez experiences include wilderness retreats, outdoor recreation, amusement parks, go-kart racing, sports events, NASCAR races, concerts, aquariums, zoos, museums, discovery centers, cultural exchange, weekend getaways to the mountains/beach, and more!!!

The KidVenturez program is also a nurturing community for kids facing hardship in their lives, playing a critical role in building self esteem and boosting social resilience. Many of our outdoor experiences–hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and mountain biking–can greatly enhance a child’s resiliency skills and leadership development, as well as relieve tension and give solace to those in distress.

We offer KidVenturez scholarships to children and families in need.

To enlist your child for KidVenturez programs, fill out the registration form on our contact page.

See our Child Safety Policy