Sports Outreach

Breakaway sports camps give children a fun and faith-based recreational experience that helps develop fortitude, shape character, foster resilience, and build competency skills.

Not only do sports directly improve a child’s physical health through exercise and being active, there are also mental health benefits. Research has shown that participation in sports can improve a child’s numeracy score by 8% on average and underachieving kids who regularly take part in sports activity see a 29% increase in numeracy skills.

As children grow older they will face challenges which seem too big to overcome. Through sports, children learn about problem solving and perseverance to help them deal with the various challenges in life.

In addition to USA sports camps, Breakaway facilitates sports camps internationally. Here are some of the regions where we have served:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • West Africa
  • Ireland
  • Dominican Republic
  • Poland